Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Sea Horse Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Needle, scissors
Eyes on a secure mount 7-8 mm.
Loop marker

magic ring – amigurumi ring
ch – air loop
slst – connecting column
sc – single crochet
hdc – double crochet
dc – double crochet
s2n – double crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
ZPP – behind the front wall of the loop
ZZP – behind the back wall of the loop


  1. 6sc in magic ring (6)
  2. 6inc (12)
  3. (sc, inc)x6 (18)
  4. (2sc, inc)x6 (24)
  5. (3sc, inc)x6 (30)
  6. (4sc, inc) x6 (36)
  7. (5sc, inc)x6 (42)
  8. (6sc, inc) x6 (48)
  9. (7sc, inc) x6 (54)
    10-19. 54sc (54)
  10. 25sc, ch 3, skip 3 stitches, 26sc (51)
  11. 25sc, 3sc in ch, 26sc (54)
  12. (7sc, dec)x6 (48)
  13. (6sc, dec)x6 (42)
  14. (5sc, dec)x6 (36)
    Insert the eyes between the 18th and 19th rows, 13 loops between the eyes. Make sure the hole for
    the muzzle is symmetrically centered between the eyes
  15. (4sc, dec)x6 (30)
  16. (3sc, dec)x6 (24)
  17. (2sc, dec)x6 (18)
    slst to the last loop. Leave the thread for sewing.

Knit the muzzle into the open hole you created on the head.
Start from the bottom right side as shown in the picture.

  1. 3sc, inc
    3sc, inc (10)
  2. (sc, inc)x5 (15)
    3-4. 15sc (15)
  3. (sc, dec)x5 (10)
    Knit 1slst, close the hole with a needle. To shape the spout, take a sharp needle and
    pull the nose inward as shown in the picture.

Stuff your head, fix your eyes.
Embroider eyebrows diagonally 5 rows above the eyes.
Blush draw cheeks with a brush.


  1. 4sc in magic ring (4)
  2. (sc, inc)x2 (6)
    3-4. 4sc, 2 sl-st (6)
  3. (inc, sc)x3 (9)
    6-7. 5sc, 4slst (9)
  4. (inc, 2sc)x3 (12)
    9-10. 8sc, 4slst (12)
  5. inc, 3sc) x3 (15)
    12-13. 9sc, 6slst (15)
  6. (inc, 4sc) x3 (18)
    15-17. 12sc, 6slst (18)
  7. (inc, 5sc)x3 (21)
    19-20. 14sc, 7slst (21)
  8. (6sc, inc)x3 (24)
  9. (3sc, inc) x6 (30)
  10. (2sc, inc) x2, 9sc
    (2sc, inc)x5 (37)
  11. (3sc, inc) x2, 9sc
    (3sc, inc) x5 (44)
    25-33. 44sc (44)
  12. 4sc, dec, 21sc, dec, 15sc (42)
  13. (5sc, dec)x6 (36)
  14. 36sc (36)
  15. (4sc, dec)x6 (30)
  16. 30sc (30)
  17. (3sc, dec)x6 (24)
  18. 24sc (24)
  19. (2sc, dec)x6 (18)
  20. 18sc (18)
    Knit 9 more stitches to finish the back.
    Finish row 1slst, fasten the thread, sew.
    Roll the tail and sew

To begin, we knit a series of oblique loops. We start from the bottom of the back of the head, continue up until
reach the forehead (about 8th row).
If you are knitting a unicorn horse, finish with a connecting loop in about 5-6 rows.

  1. Pass the hook, sl-st, 2ch, turn
  2. 3dc in each loop until you reach the magic ring, then 2dc in one loop to the end of the row, ch 1, turn
  3. (5sc, 2ch, sc in the 2nd loop from the hook) – repeat until the end of the row
    Fasten and hide the thread.

Sew the head to the body. When sewing, make sure the head is parallel to the body,
tilt it slightly forward. To make the head tilted, you need to sew it in front
between the penultimate and last rows.
Sew to the head in this position.

We start knitting the same way.

  1. We begin to knit in the first slst 16 rows of the body and knit a row of slst to 32 rows. 1ch, turn
  2. inc in each slst, ch 1, turn
  3. (5sc, 2ch, 1sc in the 2nd loop from the hook) – repeat until the end of the row
    Fasten and hide the thread.

FINS 2pcs
Start knitting with magic ring. Knit all loops of ZZP.
Knit magic ring, ch 3

  1. work 3 dc in 3rd st from hook, 1 sl-st in magic ring, ch 1, turn
  2. 4slst, 3ch, turn
  3. 3hdc in first loop, 3hdc, 1cc in magic ring
    Fasten, leave the thread for sewing, close the hole.
    Gently sew with one of the threads. The second you can sew the fin to the body (left and
    on the right, approximately between 33 and 34 rows).

If you want to make a magical unicorn seahorse, you can add a small horn.

  1. 4sc in magic ring (4)
  2. 4sc (4)
  3. (inc, sc)x2 (6)
  4. 6sc (6)
  5. (inc, 2sc) x2 (8)
  6. (inc, 3sc) x2 (10)
    Knit slst, fasten, leave the thread for sewing.
    Sew the horn to the head to the bottom of the crown, approximately between 8 and 10 rows.
    You can also wrap fin-colored thread around the horn.
    At the end, you can take the thread of the color of the crown and embroider French knots or other elements.
    on the body and head.

Eye tightening: